"Oh, my gosh!  You found me.  I don't know how, but you found me!"


Welcome to my webpage!  I keep everything minimalistic for your browsing convenience.


There are two main parts to this domain.  One part is about being gluten-free: our discovery, our struggles, and our successes.  You will also find some of our favorite recipes from friends, family, and the web.


The other part is about my YouTube channel, a collection of instructional videos for my math classes.  I have a lot of videos, and I admit that the organization is not the greatest.  I will break down the contents for each playlist, so you have an idea of where to go for a particular topic.


I have started a Blog of sorts.  I can't really say that there is continuity, but you are free to interpret as you see fit.


If you would like to find me on social media, I am on Twitter @mathman1024.

I have also started a secondary account, @MoviesByHaiku,

where I post haiku about a particular movie, one minute for each day.


Currently I am working my way through the 1999 sci-fi classic, The Matrix.  I should be wrapping up the movie in the middle of October.  To read past haiku, head over to the Haiku Archives.


I hope you find something useful and a little bit fun.